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07 March 2016 @ 05:44 pm
So I haven't written here since I was still in high school...? It's almost unbelievable to look back at my old posts now and see where I am today.

Not that anyone reads this journal, but... after much struggle in my life and almost giving up entirely, I somehow managed to do something amazing. Today, I write not from my home in Massachusetts - but from my home in Japan. I'm a university student, studying in Japan and I never would have believed I would be in this position the last time I was logged into this account.

But why am I back? Because... Although my life has improved dramatically, I'm a university student in a foreign country with no money! :P I'm here to sell some goods and maybe offer a shopping service for people who are interested in purchasing goods from Japan.

I'll mostly be selling doujinshi and can offer them with an English translation. :)
Here's to hoping that I'll make enough to pay for my tuition this spring. heh...