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23 July 2009 @ 03:26 pm
Otakon, work, and LiveJournal..  
So I finally got a LiveJournal because everyone else had one and I wanted to see what it was all about...so, let's see if it's really all they say it is.;] Also, one of my idols, darthmaligna has stopped using DA. As such, I would like to still watch her stuff and so that is another reason why i'm here.

Anyway, onto my actual journal entry...

I just got back from Otakon a couple days ago and for those of you who didnt know, I stayed at a friend's house from the 9th of July up until the actual con, which I then went home with her until the next day, monday, when I finally caught the long train ride home. Six hours on a train is a long time.D:

All in all, I had a good time. I'm glad I got the chance to go. I met lots and LOTS of new people, made plenty of new friends, as well as meeting up with some old ones, and meeting more idols.<3 I enjoyed staying with my friend (Ray) very much, she was so kind to me and her house was lovely.<3 Despite a lot of things that turned up and some hospital related complications, I had a pretty good time at the actual con. It definitely could have gone better, but I'm still glad to  have gone none the less.

I cosplayed Kairi on Friday and Ray cosplayed Riku with me for a bit until she switched to Saix. She had been working hard on making her org coat - which was made of real leather - so i'm not surprised she was so excited to wear it.xD It looked awesome too, you could tell how hard she worked on it. Mikaukau cosplayed Xemnas with us, which also excited Ray.xD

Saturday I cosplayed Roxas, which was really fun. Ray cosplayed Axel, which she does quite well, and mikaukau cosplayed Ansem. Ray allowed me to use her wig and Oblivion keyblade, so I was thrilled.8D We had so many people take our picture, I was shocked. I really couldnt believe how many times we were asked for our photo, and how many other people would come up and take pictures while we were posing for other pictures. Sadly though, of the millions that took our picture, I'm having trouble finding them floating around the net, and I didnt take any pics myself because I was so sure with how many people took them, i'd be able to find some. Oh well, lesson learned.u_u

I met up with some other friends, and the afterlife group, but I was mostly excited to meet their Axel for the first time, even if it was only for a few moments. She was the girl who inspired me to cosplay in the first place so I was pretty excited. I wished I could have spent a little more time talking to her, but oh well. Perhaps some other time.

I finally got to buy one of those nifty Organization XIII certified Clothing shirts that i've been wanting to buy, and wanted to buy at Anime Boston. I'm pretty happy about that. And I enjoyed talking with darthmaligna for a few moments before running off. She is so hardcore with her Chakram tattoo that I just noticed at Otakon..xD I so want one! ....But tattoos scare me for the whole permanent factor..D: I fear someone would mess up and i'd be stuck with it for life...Dx

I made some cool new friends, like Foxy. She was so adorable, I swear I wanted to glomp her and shove her in my suitcase and take her home with me!<3 She cosplayed an amazing England from Hetalia. I hung with her for a bit on friday (woah, jumping around on the days here now..) and we went to the rave together, which was a lot of fun. I'm glad I went with her, I dont think it would have been quite as fun or funny for that matter, with anyone else.xD And her freaking out (long story) is the cutest thing ever.<3 hahaha. I tried to find her again for the rave on saturday night, but I couldnt find her.u_u Instead, I ended up hanging out with Appl3sauce, Morijana, thru-apeture-eyes, and zombiedodge. Morijana is so sweet and nice, I'm glad to have gotten the time to hang and talk with her. She really helped me out when I was feeling a bit down.<3 And Appl3sauce - her cheerfulness made me feel better without her even realizing it.xD When I saw how she was able to be so happy even after having her purse stolen (with $500, an ipod, credit cards, and car keys + license in it), then I was definitely feeling more up to being happy.:3 Hell, if she can be happy after THAT, anyone can be happy at a con, even with a few set backs.

That's all I feel like writing about the con and such for now. But I might write more if anything else pops up.

When I got home, I was welcomed back with a job opportunity that i'm pretty excited about since I have been looking for a job for quite some time now. It sounds boring - I guess it's pavement work. BUT, it's paying $25 an hour and I'll be working 40 hours a week until summer ends, and the offer came from a good friend of my step father. Hopefully the job will still be open and he'll accept me, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.D:
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