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тσмσяяσω'ѕ fαя αωαу

leтѕ place oυr нopeѕ ιn τøḋαÿ.

13 May 1992

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NAME: Miki

AGE: 23

GENDER: ~ ~ ~

HAIR|EYES: Brown|Brown


LOCATION: Near Tokyo, Japan


Anime Boston


Anime USA



New York Anime Festival

Note: I will not always attend every con listed every year. Ask me if I'm going or not if you want to know.:)
The only con I will most likely attend every year for sure is Anime Boston.

Under My Skin

Calm, hyper, laid back, friendly, kind, caring, gentle, rough, understanding, honest, confident, sensitive, reliable, good listener, talkative, lazy, humorous, sarcastic, procrastinator, playful, trusting, loving, adventurous, willing, intelligent, absent minded, slow, cheerful, easy going.

I'm the puzzle, those are the pieces. Can you put them together? Contradicting, yet perfectly mixed; this is me.

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"Take life as it comes and live for the moment. Dont let the past make you cry and dont let the future frighten you." - My problem free philosophy.

**NOTE**I dont have friends who use LJ really, I just joined because an idol of mine left DA and I wanted to keep track of her things. And SO, I'm here to make new friends also..So dont be afraid to add me - If you seem interesting I'll probably add you back. If you message/comment me asking for an add, I'd be more than happy to oblige if we share some common interests!